Wind Turbines (Residential / Commercial)

Wind Turbines (Residential / Commercial)

Origin Group is a licensed distributor of TechnoSpin – a leading manufacturer of wind generated power.

Grid-Connected Generation

PowerSpin wind power system enables residential and power supply and commercial users to considerably reduce electricity costs by combining centralized cost-effective renewable energy.

Standalone, Local-Grid and Hybrid Solutions

PowerSpin provides an affordable and reliable power supply for residential and commercial users that are not connected to the central power grid.

More Options, More Possibilities, More Power

  • An ideal power solution for household appliances, lighting, distributed generation in individual zones, advertising boards, grid backup systems, and more.
  • Superior efficiency with unmatched utilization of up to 45% of windflow energy.
  • Electricity generation under all wind conditions
    (from 2.5m/s).
  • Rooftop and tower installations.
  • Silent and vibration-free operation.

Additional Information

PowerSpin TSW 2200
PowerSpin TSW 4000
PowerSpin TSW 8000
ComSpin S 2