About us


Origin Group Ltd is a leading Hi-Tech manufacturers representative and value added distributor in Israel.
We have a proven track record of dedicated sales, services and support of the Israeli electronic Industry.

Origin Group integrates advanced sales and marketing techniques with advanced technologies for the Israeli electronics market.

Over the years we have established reputation for excellent long term professional relationships with our suppliers and customers.

Origin Group has been successful in placing it’s suppliers into strategic positions among the market’s leading customers.

Origin Group's Core Ideology

  • To provide complete customer satisfaction.
  • To partner our customers and suppliers for mutual benefits.
  • To encourage initiative, personal and professional growth to contribute to the company’s success.
  • To establish aggressive growth goals.
  • To conduct ourselves ethically, decently and fairly towards its employees, customers and suppliers.


Origin Group was established in 2008 in Israel, by the founders who have a strong sales and marketing force.

The Team

Origin Group employs highly qualified professional sales application team that continuously trains to keep current with market demands.

Origin Group’s personnel are equipped with all the sales and administration tools to allow for efficient and successful service for its suppliers and customers.

Origin Group’s personnel are highly motivated to achieve best results in the dynamic, ever-changing environment in which we operate.

Origin Group's Facilities

Origin Group is located 15 km from Tel Aviv. Origin Group’s modern offices utilize the latest computer systems and dedicated software to provide our customers and suppliers with reliable on-line services.


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Origin Group Ltd. represents leading high-tech manufacturers in the field of green energy in Israel.

Our company provides innovative energy products from the world’s leading manufacturers, the defense sector, the telecom market and the domestic market in Israel.

With rich, proven experience in implementing green energy solutions and close, long-term relationships with our suppliers and customers, and by combining advanced marketing techniques and world-leading technologies, Origin Group continues to provide unique and immediate solutions for the electricity-generating sector in Israel.

Our Ideology

Provide complete satisfaction for the company’s customers and suppliers.

Match customers and suppliers and create long-term relationships that contribute to common goals.

Encourage personal and professional initiative and growth that contributes to the company’s success.

Set and achieve ambitious goals on the path to rapid growth.

Behave in a fair and ethical manner towards all stakeholders – employees, customers and suppliers.


Origin Group was founded in 2008.

Its founders have a rich background in marketing and sales.

The Staff

Origin Group employs skilled and professional sales and marketing personnel and takes care of their ongoing training in accordance with the changing market conditions and requirements.

The company’s sales and support teams are equipped with a variety of marketing tools that enable them to provide an effective service to the company’s customers and suppliers.


Origin Group’s offices are located 15 km from Tel Aviv.

The offices are equipped with the best hardware and software in order to provide professional, reliable and swift service to its customers and suppliers.