Micro Grid Solutions

Micro Grid Solutions

In recent years, micro grid systems have become an increasingly popular solution for electricity needs, a way to not only ensure a continuous power supply, but also a great solution for going green.

We all know that the green revolution is here. Nations around the world all have targets to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their levels of pollution.

Unfortunately, the fact that energy sources like solar and wind farms do not always provide a reliable supply of energy has greatly slowed down this transition to green energy.

Micro grid systems might just be the answer we are looking for.

What is a Micro Grid?

A micro grid is a small, local network, sometimes with its own local source of energy, that is usually attached to the national power grid but is able to function independently.

A micro grid is essentially a sophisticated system that allows for the use of the power grid while maintaining three important principles:

  • Continuous and uninterrupted electricity,
  • Pollution reduction and production of energy from green sources,
  • Keeping costs low.

How Do Micro Grids Work?

Micro grid systems use a special bank of batteries to store the energy generated, for example, during the day by solar panels.

The use of energy storage plus the backup of the standard power grid allows for an uninterrupted supply of electricity, even during peak periods or power outages, while also ensuring reductions in both pollution and expenses.

Can Micro Grid Systems Replace the Standard Power Grid?

The short answer is “Yes.”

The trend around the world today is to move to smart micro grid systems that enable an uninterrupted power supply, completely independent of the supply of oil or gas.

Many companies around the world are engaged in the production of smart micro-grid systems that use artificial intelligence to manage electricity generation and supply. Smart systems can manage the power supply in real time and in a completely autonomous way, for various environments and infrastructure, including neighborhoods and cities.

Smart micro-grid systems can also detect the energy needs across a variety of points and respond to these accordingly. For example, by using this in an electric vehicle charging station, it can detect the vehicle with the greatest energy need and prioritize energy for it.

Micro-grid systems are already used around the world, and in Israel great efforts are being made to switch to this kind of system.

Get More Information About Smart Micro-Grid Systems

Origin Group has been providing energy storage and management solutions for years, including the selection and implementation of smart micro-grid systems for different needs.

These state-of-the-art systems combine smart software, command and control and advanced hardware components. Green energy-compatible, with zero emissions, up to 97% efficiency, with no pollution and maximum effective output.

Our experienced team can advise you on micro-grid solutions and show you how these can help reduce wastage, pollution and expenses.

For more information about the different solutions we can provide and how we can help you, please feel free to reach out to us directly.

We would be happy to provide a free consultation and help advise you on your energy needs.