Energy Storage Solutions

Energy Storage Solutions

Energy storage solutions are being implemented around the world at an increasing rate.

But what are energy storage systems, why are they important, and how can a smart energy storage solution help your business or operations with its energy needs?

The State of Electricity Today

For people and businesses around the world, the ability to flick a switch and turn on the lights or some device is something we take for granted. The need for electricity is universal and all-encompassing. Our daily lives depend on it.

But with increasing populations, aging infrastructure and power stations, not to mention the general move away from fossil fuels, our power grids are at risk. The possibility of power outages and disruptions are very real.

One of the solutions to help counter this problem are long-term energy storage systems.

What is an Energy Storage System?

Energy storage systems refer to a variety of products and solutions that take energy produced using solar or other green methods and store them in banks of special “batteries,” allowing the energy generated to be used at a later date.

When unexpected disruptions occur with the regular power grid, or even during peak electricity hours (higher energy demand), the energy storage system can kick in and be used to maintain the supply of electricity.

Why is Energy Storage So Important?

The move away from traditional power generation systems and the transition to green energy is not necessarily a smooth and easy one.

When the weather changes, solar panels and wind turbines can be less productive, and at times even make them completely unable to generate electricity.

Energy storage systems help fill this gap, providing electricity when most needed.

Smart systems for energy storage take this one step further, automatically activating and adapting to energy needs.

Overall, energy storage solutions help conserve surplus energy production and minimize power wastage, while accelerating the transition to green energy.

What are Smart Energy Storage Systems?

Smart energy solutions are systems that are based on and make use of artificial intelligence, making independent decisions regarding power needs in real time.

Systems like these are able to intelligently and efficiently manage the stored electricity with minimal human intervention.

Smart energy storage solutions provide the perfect base for systems and devices that depend on a regular supply of electricity, such as critical infrastructure, or even charging stations for electric vehicles.

Smart storage systems are a great fit for green energy sources, allowing them to be used regularly and without interruption. With green energy production in particular, a smart system knows how to store the energy for a long time and, when necessary, automatically switch back and forth between the green energy source and the regular power grid.

The three core principles of a smart energy storage system are:

1) The reduction of pollution,

2) The reduction of production costs, and

3) Maintaining a continuous, uninterrupted supply of power.

With benefits like these, it’s no surprise that energy storage systems are being implemented all around the world today, with many companies engaged in its development and production.

Get More Information About Smart Energy Storage Systems

Origin Group has been providing energy storage and management solutions for years.

These are state-of-the-art solutions that combine smart software, command and control and advanced hardware components. Green energy-compatible, with zero emissions, up to 97% efficiency, with no pollution and maximum effective output.

Our team can advise you on energy storage solutions that will fit your unique needs, solutions that will reduce wastage, save you money, and ensure a smoother transition to green energy.

For more details about smart energy storage systems and how we can help you, feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation.

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