Smart, Green Electric Vehicle Charging

Smart, Green Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicle charging is a great challenge for the automotive industry. But even more so when it comes to ensuring that it truly is a “green” activity.

Why is this? Surely EV’s are inherently green? Unfortunately not.

Because while EV’s themselves do not emit pollution and are safe for the environment, they still require electricity. And depending on the source of the electricity, the electric vehicle may not really be “green” at all.

The Electric Vehicle Revolution

As you’ve probably noticed, in large parts of the developed world, gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Electric vehicles can be seen on the roads in increasing numbers, their use is growing every day.

The future of the automotive world is most certainly battery-powered.

But with this new technology comes the challenge of creating electric vehicle charging infrastructure, enabling drivers to charge their vehicles whenever and wherever they may find themselves.

Just like gasoline vehicles, which already have a large network of gas stations, electric vehicles require a nationwide solution of charging stations.

In theory, this is simple. But in practice, especially with the transition to green energy sources, it’s not as easy as one may think.

Are Electric Vehicles Truly “Green?”

Surprisingly, many studies show that the power generation required for the operation of electric vehicles creates up to 60 percent more pollution than that needed for other vehicles. This is because of the way we generate electricity today – through fossil fuels like coal or oil, which pollute the earth.

So in our current reality and in the grand scheme of things, electric vehicles may not be as “green” and non-polluting as we may have thought.

In order to make the use of electric vehicles a truly “green” activity, we need to transition more and more towards green energy sources and away from fossil fuels. For the electric vehicle revolution to be truly worthwhile and complete, it must be accompanied by a transition to underlying systems of green energy for charging these cars.

The Problem With Electric Vehicle Charging Networks

When it comes to places where the power supply is regular and continuous, installing a charging station for electric vehicles is a simple and uncomplicated thing.

However, when it comes to areas where power is supplied by green energy sources, such as solar or wind plants, advanced solutions are needed to ensure an uninterrupted flow of electricity – for instances when electricity cannot be generated from the sun’s rays or the wind.

Such advanced systems have been developed and implemented in many places, and they enable the installation of efficient and reliable charging stations everywhere.

How Do We Set Up EV Charging Stations Based on Green Energy?

The electricity produced using green energy is no different from the regular electricity transmitted through our power grid, and of course can be a cleaner, greener solution for charging electric vehicles.

But the problem is their reliability and ensuring an uninterrupted power supply.

In order to ensure the continuous and efficient flow of electricity, smart micro-grid systems are needed.

In short, a micro-grid system can store green energy generated by solar or wind by making use of a special bank of batteries.

Even more than this, the latest “smart” micro-grid systems use artificial intelligence to make independent decisions regarding power needs in real time.

With green energy sources, a smart system knows how to store the energy for long periods of time and, when necessary, to switch back and forth between the stored energy, the green energy source and/or the regular power grid.

This ensures an uninterrupted supply of electricity while at the same time reducing energy wastage, pollution and costs.

Smart charging systems can also detect energy needs amongst multiple charging points and prioritize electricity accordingly. So, for example, if you have multiple vehicles charging simultaneously on your grid, the system can feed electricity at a greater rate to the vehicle with the most depleted battery.

All in all, smart micro-grid systems help us get closer to the primary objective for using electric vehicles in the first place – the production of less pollution and the creation of a greener Earth.

Get More Information About Smart Micro-Grid Systems For Electric Vehicle Charging

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