Renewable Wind Power Solutions

Renewable wind power solutions for grid-connected and off-grid locations TechnoSpin wind turbines provide competitive and cost effective power solutions for numerous off-grid (utility independent), as well as grid-connected (in parallel to utility power lines) applications. Featuring exceptional performance, cost saving installation and reliable operation, our wind turbines yield faster return of investment compared to alternatives. TechnoSpin wind power turbines were specifically designed to provide efficient solutions to a variety of applications:
  1. Residential & Commercial: PowerSpin wind power solutions provide a cost effective solution for powering residential and commercial users in off-grid and grid connected locations
  2. Telecommunications: ComSpin C wind power solutions provide reliable, efficient & cost saving energy for powering a wide range of off-grid and grid connected telecom sites
  3. Security & Control: ComSpin S wind power solutions provide continuous and economically viable energy for powering security and control applications in off-grid areas worldwide
  4. Water Supply: AquaSpin wind power solutions are best fitted to power water supply applications, especially in off-grid locations