Ginlong Grid-tied Inverter for Wind

Ginlong Grid-tied Inverter for Wind

In today’s climate, while fossil fuel resources are dwindling and energy demand is increasing in every nation, people are simultaneously paying more attention to the environment and the value of clean energy. This has brought renewable energy to the forefront of people’s attention. Wind turbines being the most cost effect form of renewable energy technology is starting to gain popularity. Small visually unobtrusive wind turbines are winning over even who might otherwise object to large scale windfarms. With our machine and electrical products manufacturing background going back over 20 years, we have a team of dedicated engineers experienced in renewable energy, devoted to providing you with top quality, world class wind turbine parts and components, which may be from a standard range or, if the client so chooses, manufacture a specially customised design. Ginlong manufactures, provides consultation and design services for a broad range of small wind turbine parts and systems (<30kW) including Permanent Magnet Generators, grid-connected inverters, off-grid inverters, intelligent controllers and numerous other wind turbine mechanical parts. We have some of the latest equipment, new factories and up to date production management techniques. We not only excel at large scale production but we also have the ability to help small businesses to develop a design and product which suits them. Where we differ from traditional manufacturing companies is our very strong research and development ability. Our R&D team consists of several Ph.D. holders and industry experts to spear head the team. They all have many years of experience in their respective areas of research and expertise which is crucial to the solving of the clients R&D and production problems, some of it resulting in new patents for the company in order to protect the product and design. This has form the basis for 2 government projects given by the Chinese government for valuable scientific contribution and achievements. More importantly, as a manufacturer, we take this R&D one step further with our highly capable staff to come up with easy to manufacture design for large production volumes. In the R&D and experimental phase, we regularly design specialised test equipment, e.g. we designed a dedicated generator test set for the testing and quality control of our PMGs and assembled expensive test equipment to perform specialised inverter testing to perform stringent tests which is demanded in various standards around the world to ensure safety and performance. As a result we have already passed several IEC 61000 and IEC 55022 standard, along with UK’s G83/1 standard and obtained CE certification for our inverter. We have an extremely strict quality control procedure. Although we offer world class design and quality in our products, our price is still extremely competitive globally. We warmly welcome you to contact us to discuss about your product and design and allow us to answer any questions you may have.

Ginlong – GCI-2K

Ginlong_GCI-2k_Manual_V0.1 Ginlong_GCI-2k_Specification_Sheet Ginlong_Inverter_Software_Manual Ginlong_GCI-2K_Wiring_Diagram

Ginlong – GCI-5K

Ginlong_GCI-5K_Manual Ginlong_GCI-5K_Specification_Sheet Ginlong_Certificate_101032