Cutting-Edge Wind Turbine Technology

TechnoSpin is an innovation-driven manufacturer using pioneering, cutting-edge technology based on a unique rotor blade design that maximizes efficiency and minimizes costs. TechnoSpin original blade design (US patent pending) is a completely new profile, modeled according to aerodynamics principles, and not as an adaptation of an existing aircraft wing. Different parts of the system, including the turbine body and electronics, have been designed to fit the blade and provide maximum efficiency. TechnoSpin blades are specifically designed according to application requirements. As such, our wind turbines are the most competitive, cost-effective and easily scaled solutions for grid-connected as well as off-grid applications worldwide. TechnoSpin turbines key benefits:
  1. Maximize power generation with unmatched utilization (up to 45%)
  2. Efficient power generation at low winds (starting from 2.5m/s) enabling wider area coverage of the globe
  3. Ensure reliable operation via robust design and continuous, uninterrupted power generation
  4. Guarantee silent and vibration-free operation under all wind regimes
  5. Save installation costs and space
  6. Enable easy scaling and flexible customization for wider range of applications
  7. Ideally suited for hybrid applications that require specific customization